Past Webinars

Past TIES Annual Meetings 

From Theory to Practice in Anthropogenic Climate Change: More than a Century of Monitoring and Prediction 


11:00 AM (CT)


Director and Senior Scientist,

 Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN)

Columbia Climate School, Columbia University


Machine learning for spatial-temporal environmental data: Successes and pitfalls

11:00 AM (CT)


Johns Hopkins University Professor 

Assessing Urban Form & Climate Justice with Self Supervised Deep Learning

1:00 PM (CT)


City of Hope National Medical Center

Geospatial Data Scientist

Department of Computer Science, Temple University

Assistant Professor

What is the 100 Year Flood, and Will It Be the Same in the Future

11:00 am (CT)


Karen Ryberg

U.S. Geological Survey Dakota Water Science Center

Deputy Director

Data Science and the assessment of climate risk

11:00 am (CT)


Steve Sain

Jupiter Intelligence

Sr. Director, Geospatial and Data Sciences 

Machine Learning for Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability

9:00 am (CT)


Claire Monteleoni


Choose France Chair in AI & Research 

University of Colorado Boulder

Associate Professor

Combined land use of solar energy and agriculture (Agrivoltaics) for socioeconomic and environmental co-benefits

11:00 am (CT)


Sujith Ravi

Associate Professor

Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences

Temple University

Combining network theory and tree functional traits to improve forest resilience to global change

11:00 am (CT)


Marie-Josee Fortin

University Professor

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto

Machine-Learning Applications in Process-understanding and Prediction of Wildfire

11:00 am (CT)


Jiafu Mao

Senior Staff Scientist

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Resilience Technology: Value-Added Analytics for the Wicked Wildfire Problem

11:00 am (CT)


Natasha Stavros

Analytics Hub Director

Earth Lab, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), University of Colorado Boulder

Leveraging global streamflow prediction systems for imputation of missing in-situ observations in West Africa

11:00 am (CT)


Rendani Mbuvha

DeepMind Academic Fellow in Machine Learning

Queen Mary University of London

Bayesian Inference In High-dimensional Spatial Statistics: Conquering New Challenges

11:00 am (CST)


Sudipto Banerjee

Professor and Chair


Department of Biostatistics

Bayesian Inference on Carbon Dioxide Surface Fluxes using Satellite Data

6:00 pm (CST)


9:00 am (AEST)


Andrew Zammit-Mangion

Associate Professor

University of Wollongong, Australia

Beyond Roughness: Efficient Parameter Estimation of Sampled Random Fields in Geology and Geophysics

11:00am (CST)

Frederik Simons


Princeton University

Application of topological data analysis to multi-resolution matching and anomaly detection

11:00am (CST)

Kyo Lee

Data scientist

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech