About Us

What is the Environmetrics Webinar Series?

The Environmetrics Webinar Series brings together scientists from a wide range of diverse disciplines with a mutual interest in nowadays environmental problems. This virtual space aims to foster the development of methodologies including perspectives from applied mathematicians, engineers, social and political sciences, natural sciences as well as theoretical approaches. 

Founding Co-Directors

Ignacio Segovia-Dominguez

The University of Texas at Dallas

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, Caltech

Yuzhou Chen

Temple University

Nathaniel K. Newlands

Government of Canada

AAFC-Summerland Research and Development Centre

Yulia R. Gel

The University of Texas at Dallas

National Science Foundation

Co-Organizers and Technical  Committee

Meichen Huang

Department of Neurology

Baylor College of Medicine

Zhiwei Zhen

Department of Mathematical Sciences

The University of Texas at Dallas

Jaidev Goel

University of Texas at Dallas

Texas, USA

Past Committee Members

Tian Jian (UTD)